The Fugu Guesthouse


Raised by his mother in Tokyo under a strict Japanese tradition, Omar del Diego de la Paz is destined to be an Itamae (sushi master). At age 16 he gets hired by Jiro Ono, the greatest Japanese sushi master. One night he decides to prepare a Fugu, a fish that can be lethal if ill prepared. After having cut the fish sashimi style,he tastes it under his friend’s bemused look but falls gravely ill after having prepared it in the wrong way. Almost dying of asphixiation from lung paralysis, he miraculously survives the ordeal but falls into a deep coma. He is then transferred to the Tokyo University hospital and is put intensive care.

On June 6th 1982, after a few month of coma, Omar finally wakes up. After this unfortunate event, he abandons his chef studies against his mother’s wishes and spends his days on the Tokyo Harbour, trying to find a ship that will get him a cheap ticket in exchange for traveling the world. Hanging out in the nefarious dive bars with the worst of the worst and having and high alcool tolerance (especially to Tequila), he makes a reputation for himself and becomes the center of attention of the MV Turkmenia’s crew which hires him as a machinist.

There begins Omar’s round the world journey. Far away from the austere life he lived in Japan. Omar goes from one ship to another, from one country to another and meets many different a people. When sailing, every client wants him at their table. Every dinner ends up in a drunk fest that only he survives. One night arabe emir begs him to let him show his Rolls Royce collection, his pure bred and his 60 wives back in his home country. Omar accepts and spends five days there. Once during a halt in Casablanca, he makes the acquaintance of Yves St Laurent, who is in transit to Marackech. Fascinated by his good look and his unique personality, YSL invites him to stay at his home for a few days. Back then, YSL only designed clothes for women but as he meets Omar, he offers him the catwalk for a special Spring 1984 men collection in Paris. But Omar refuses in order to follow his journey to the Americas. YSL then, abandons the idea to work on men’s collection.

In 1982, during a stop over in Nassau, he encounters the team for the next James Bond Movie ‘Never say Never Again’. They say that, thanks to Sean Connery, he had a fling with Bond Girl Kim Basinger.

On September 10 1986, after 4 years of going around the world, the Sea Goddess docks at Acapulco Mexico, his final destination before rallying Los Angeles, his last stop. Omar is eager to visit this country, which he had surprisingly never really visited and which is in the middle of the famous Football World Cup. Charmed by the countrie’s electric feeling, the people’s enthusiasm and the beautiful ladies, Omar decides to remain in this country with which he feels a deep and intense attraction, He decides to forget about Los Angeles and resigns instantly from his job aboard the the ship letting go 4 years of wandering.

After a few years of going from East to West, from North to South, he settles at Puerto Escondido on the beach of Zicatela; a surfer hotspot and a hippie landing ground. Year after year, he forges himself a reputation as the go to man for spiritual journeys. He opens his Fugu Guest House where he can can welcome his guests to experience unforgettable moments.